Dale Copeland

At age 80, my greatest honour: Taekwon-Do Master

Here with my fellow senior black belts, the top table of Masters, and the extended Lorth family of Taranaki Taekwon-Do.

And if you'd like to see a TV clip ...... just click here.
Carolyn Robinson and her crew made a very good job of it.

You can see it even if, like me, you never venture onto facebook.

Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit6th Dan black belt in Taekwon-Do

You can flick over to the Virtual Tart website to see my recent work.             Or see earlier exhibitions by established Taranaki artists.

My 75th Birthday.

The best (and maddest) ever.
And if you'd like to see a few photos from my 80th, scroll to the bottom of my 'Waters under the Bridge' exhibition

The old woman from Mensa KNOWS what she's losing
With a rant from the Puke Ariki exhibition.

Taranaki à Paris, 2014

and again, in 2017

Beauty in Numbers

Happiest at home

An occasional clear space.

Our place from space

Home sweet jungle

Treasure hunting

"Nine Bells"

A bit about Dale

Studio heaven
AND the beginnings of the great clean-up!

International Collage Exchanges

Supporting Taranaki artists

Exhibition list

A review from Nottingham

James Mack's review:
"Pretty Bloody Visceral"

A card from the South Pacific

The strange things people do in their spare time!

Click here to see a little YouTube movie about me, from the New Zealand TV show called This Town.
They did it well.

And here to see and hear Nigel Kennedy playing the Bulgarian folk song Jovano Jovanke.
I was SO fortunate .. I was in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for a collage week.
Nigel Kennedy, my absolute hero, was playing there in an ancient Roman amphitheatre.
Huge marble steps in a high hill, the most beautiful place, open to the stars.
I couldn't afford a ticket of course, but a young Bulgarian artist at dinner said we would go.
We arrived at half-time, she chatted to a guard, and we were let in to sit on the grass above the marble steps.
The first half he'd played classical, the second half jazz.
And for an encore, playing alone as he walked off among the marble columns, he played this.
Unaccompanied ... it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.
Aren't we so lucky to be alive? In spite of the politicians.

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