September 2016, at Brendan Doogan's seminar in Whanganui, doing a lot of the 'weird' bits of Taekwon-do.
Breaking with knees and elbows, break-falling, blocking and throwing. Great fun.
Click here to see a short video, filmed by Glenwyn Flynn.

Graded to Fifth Dan.

One of the proudest moments of my life - Master Moore presented me with one of the medals
which have been struck to mark 60 years since General Choi Hong Hi founded Taewkon-Do.
It is presented to Masters and to senior Instructors who maintain the original form of Taekwon-Do.
I am SO honoured to be included.

Dale with the Masters
Here with Mr. Butchers, Master Burn, Senior Master Moore and Mr Livingstone.

Here's an early version of one of my self-defence routines.
It's just 9 seconds long, then repeats.
Do I look too much like a teddy bear with attitude?

I graded to 4th Dan on 28th August, 2011.
I put a few photos on my blog page if you'd like to see them.

In this video Brent Flynn performs Dale Cope Tul, the pattern he devised as the thesis for his grading towards 3rd Dan at Taranaki Taekwon-Do in New Zealand.
He wrote: "Dale Cope Tul is named for the legendary artist and scholar Dale Copeland.
The 56 movements of this pattern refer to her age when she started TaeKwon-Do.
The pattern diagram represents indomitable spirit, evident in her undying dedication to Taranaki TaeKwon-Do, its instructor and her fellow students."
I am greatly honoured.
Click here to see the video.

I graded on 10th August '08 and am now a Third Dan!

For my 65th birthday, my Taranaki Taekwon-Do instructor made me this video:

Aren't I the most fortunate person in the world?

Here's the video that our instructor Mr Neill Livingstone put together from the Taranaki Taekwon-Do Black Belt grading.

Have a look at our Club's website, www.taranakitkd.com/ and click on "Profiles and Videos of Taranaki Black Belts".
I'm proud to be in such company.

Dale throwing an opponent
I'm very grateful to Brent Flynn, my partner for all the Self Defence techniques.

Kirsten Livingston took all these photos.
And also this small movie of a multiple break at my First Dan grading.

Dale smashing roofing tiles
Breaking roofing tiles with my hand, during the grading for black belt (when I was 60).

Black belt at the age of 60, Second Dan at 62. Third Dan just before turning 65.
Feeling good, feeling proud.
Sure, I wish I'd started this martial art when I was 16 instead of 56, but that's O.K.
I've never felt fitter or stronger. Or more self-reliant.
I'd recommend Taekwon-Do to anyone.

If you've got fast Internet access (don't try it with dial-up!) have a look at this movie
to see me being flung around by Brent Flynn at his Black Belt grading.

And here's a small movie of me breaking tiles. Isn't if weird what people do for fun?

Dale kicking through two boards
Second Dan grading:
I'd dislocated a toe earlier in the day, but when you're running on adrenalin, nothing stops you.

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