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December 19, 1999

Des & Pip Kearse
we have and love "duck feather on pink shirt", and "Overkill". Enjoyed browsing... bye....

December 18, 1999

Andrew Bennett
AN Assembalage artist from england

December 11, 1999

Maya Opara
Your art works is very strong.
You are invited to partake!
International Moscow New Year Festival FOCOM -2000
20 December 1999 - 20 January 2001 on the Internet
Please, write to me, if it's interesting for you.

December 7, 1999

Andrew Whyte
Hello Paul and Dale. Janet Keen recomended your site to me. I am an Artist from the Bay Of Plenty (Whakatane) www.0800artlease.co.nz
keep up the good work

December 2, 1999

Maya Opara
Your art works is very strong.
You are invited to partake!
International Moscow New Year Festival FOCOM -2000 20 December 1999 - 20 January 2001 on the Internet http://www.museum2020.ru Please, write to me, if it's interesting for you.

November 25, 1999

dale de Cleene
Love your pages Toby.Full marks.

November 22, 1999

Patrick Inia
Dale you were one of my teachers at Okato college good to see your website
wish you and Paul much success.
Maitara give me a call.

November 21, 1999

A Secret Admirer of Dale's Art
Oh Dale, how I do wish you could put music on your pages, it would so delight your viewers (and convert them to listeners as well). Warm regards to a great assemblage artist from a "secret admirer" of your art!

November 2, 1999

Maitera Te Whiti
Oh it is so awesome to see home and the maunga and the beaches
I especially miss the black sand.
I am from Okato but I have recently moved to Australia..
keep it real, Puniho is a beautiful place....

October 30, 1999

Lisa Schaffer
I found your site searching for info about encaustic painting - and found much more. Beautiful work.
A question - is damar resin the same thing as the crystals used to make damar varnish?

October 28, 1999

Amelia Taylor
I really like the different color of pumpkins, in the picture. Really pretty.

October 27, 1999

Cool Site, Nice to see your pictures. D.

October 24, 1999

kathleen mc cullough Toby - I like your stuff a lot. Pix great and animated presentation fun. Keep on keeping on.

October 22, 1999

Sonja Ford
Just cruised on in. I'll be back for more!!

October 20, 1999

Estelle Sharrock Churchill
Great website, such diversity & both of you use such interesting techniques. I am a huge fan of 'Big Game'& had the pleasure of seeing it first hand at the 'Like minds like mine' exhibition. I am an artist who has just moved to New Plymouth with my family & was very fortunate to have one of my own works included in that exhibition. I felt especially honoured when I saw so many exciting pieces such as your own.
Great work.

October 14, 1999

danuel cotterell
very interesting

September 27, 1999

Claudette Hunter Dale,
I don't usually write fan mail. I'm an American living in Japan, 54, doing collage and altered books. I very much appreciate your work and the straightforward manner in which you communicate. Please tell me more about your book "The Second Half" (cost?) as I'm exploring feelings about this time in my life. I'll come back and explore your website again. Well done, by the way
Sincerely, Claudette

September 16, 1999

Joan Constable
From time to time I log onto your Website to enjoy your great and incredible art pieces for both enjoyment and inspiration. I draw/paint in pastel, watercolor and oils with emphasis on portraiture and teach in all media. Have gifted students as young as 6 and and as old as 70-something. Am giving them your Website address so they, too, can log onto your site from time to time.
Two years ago we hosted a young man from North Island NZ and this prompted me to check into your site when I found it listed. You may be quite a way 'down under' from my location in Central California, USA, but you are really 'Way up There' in fabulous art pieces.
Catherine Carpenter aka Joan Constable (birth and professional name) one of the many generations of the Constable Art Clan.

September 16, 1999

Richard Johnson
Hello Paul. Your hand paintings are fantastic - actually, everything about this site is pretty fantastic - the layout included - keeps you interested, sends you in diff. directions...

September 12, 1999

Dee aka Viking
Kewl and will return for updates...

September 3, 1999

Charlotte McCullough
How do you explain to people the ritual of purchasing a house and then moving it to where you want to live? Although it is done in the states it is not at all common. Your pictures are wonderful.

August 24, 1999

corrall jimba
very interesting. good luck with your work. if i'm ever back in nz near your studio i would love to drop by.

August 10, 1999

lizzie da vall
I'm a bit of a painter, trying to get into web site creation/design after a lifetime of computer work. I love the paintings, especially the garden. The assemblies I think need to be looked at in 'real life' to be appreciated but they do look intrieging. Maybr I'll see some of your works when in NZ next december:hope so. Keep up the good work!

August 3, 1999

glenn cole

Folks - I admire your art work, your lifestyle and your courage to go to that lovely land to live. If I were 75 years younger - - - - - - ?
God Bless

July 27, 1999

Tan Rambo just doing some research on encaustics when I stumbled onto your site. cool clouds, dazzling detail, if I wasn't on the other side of the Pacific, well, you know how little justice a monitor does to a canvass.

May 12, 1999

debbie Neilson
I enjoyed some great childhood years in Okato, and lived in Puniho rd at Brooklands piggery (is it still there?)
The photo of the beach brought back some pretty strong memories all good. Loved the website very inspiring. the painting of Oakura is wonderful.

May 12, 1999

Barbara Berge
Thank you have had a neat time.
Now why don't you organize some how for the whole class to see your web page Etc.
See you tomorrow with my eyes hanging out.
I have even forgotten how I got to be here now.
But that's OK it's been great.

April 14, 1999

Judy Finer
i just discovered your web site and saw your work.
i am very glad to have discovered your work - which i find very interesting. i have been an artist for years working primarily in art and have recently started assemblage work. i live in san francisco california usa.
i hope we can somehow communicate.

April 14, 1999

Sharon McCartney
Hi Dale and Paul
I got into your web site after searching for info on encaustics--love the dada piece by the way. I'm a painter working in Boston USA on a series of collage/encaustic panels using natural subject matter, my own watercolor paintings and tons of old ephemera.
Also love the assemblages, Dale. You have to check out my friend Keith's web page--he is a junk artist extroidenaire! Type www.lobue-art.com.
Again, I really enjoyed your site!

April 5, 1999

Danny Ranger
Here in Boston USA, what's happening at home?

March 25, 1999

Jerome Leyendecker
Dale, reviewed your work on the TART site and it really looks impressive.
I especially like and am grateful for the art that you created for the Ars Nova 2000 Gallery. For your viewers who have not yet had the pleasure of seeing this new work I will add the URL http://home.earthlink.net/~jcleyen/gallery_guide.htm
Best regards to you, Toby and Paul.

March 18, 1999

Fanie Schoeman
Once again left in awe.

March 6, 1999

Hello, we like your work
I'm john's wife, john is allso a painter
we are looking for an acsample for a homepage and i think we found one
Daniela from Belgium

March 5, 1999

Gina Tawhai
Paul Dale & Toby
Congradulations on a fabulous lifestyle
We so miss the land of the long white cloud but are over here on a higher call! shearing sheep in the outback of Australia. Been here for 16 years now.
Paul I love your painting of Oakura beach I certainly believe that a gift such as you have comes from a very spiritual souce. To be able to connect with creation with such depth as you have shown in this piece is out standing and I can only commend you for it and also praise our God creator of the universe for allowing me to veiw it.
Dale I love your books and creations Toby your so cute I love your fury friends god bless you all

February 25, 1999

pierre weber
congrats for your most amusing homepage.
wish you good luck.

February 22, 1999

little bobby duncan
Just stopped in for a visit. I think you're very right, - not bad at all! - I loved Paul's painting of that beach. I must see it some day. Not doing much painting these days. My Dad died on Jan. 27, and now my Mom's light is flickering. I've decided to take a long road trip after she's gone. I'm trying to start a painting of my Dad, I think that will also do me some good. Next time I'll be more upbeat, I swear.

February 21, 1999

Dale de cleene
Great stuff you folks. Wish I had of seen it all in action.

February 20, 1999

well written and informative- thought provoking-enjoyable- funny- impressive-warm and human-and I loved the studio on the move- what a great adventure- and a curious " coincidence "
thanks !!!

February 18, 1999

Mike O'Kane
Great site, of course, great commitment to make the new studio happen.
All the best, cheerio Mike.

February 15, 1999

anne rita taylor
I enjoyed both Paul's and Dale's artwork.
I found you by way of the collage onelist. I am also an artist.
I have painted realistically in oils, sculpted figuratively in clay, and now put together small collages.
I live in Houston, Texas.
Thankm you!

February 12, 1999

Ed Giecek
Wonderful web site, images, and studio. Thanks for sharing them.
Ed Giecek, Granite Falls, Washington, USA

February 12, 1999

roberto chiodi
una "promenade" a casa vostra fa bene e migliora l'appetito.
Mille baci avoi da roberto

January 19, 1999

Betty Bazar
Paul, I also work in encaustics. I love the quality of color I get using beeswax with oil paint. I have been getting sick from the fumes. I plan to buy the best quality

January 7, 1999

Richard Sampson
Thanks for your website Dale - I too am an assemblage artist with 30 years of collecting. I live just north of SF Bay, USA.
I would recommend some assemblage artists for you to enjoy: Joseph Cornell, Arman, Robert Rauschenberg, Lucas Samaras, George Herms.
Keep up the creative energy.
Thank you again,
Richard Sampson

January 7, 1999

Jerome Leyendecker
When one has the beauty of art in one's life cash is of very little importance.
Your art is very good. Believe in it and all the cash you need will come. It will be provided. Believe it.

January 1, 1999

mira sushila gerard
Hi, I surfed in to your site on a search for realist painting.
I am a realist painter myself, in graduate school in Georgia, USA.
You have a beautiful family, and I love your paintings, Paul, as well as your Assemblages, Dale!
Dale, you are such an intelligent, articulate woman.
your comments are to the point, saying so much with so few words.
I am inspired and impressed.
I hope someday I can have a family like yours.
Good luck, I will point you to my own website when I have one.
Oh, by the way, I will be living in Italy for 3 months in the spring.
How far away is New Zealand?

January 1, 1999

John Graham
Gidday Paul,
Closest I got to art of any kind was being in the same class as Michael Smither at NPBHS.
That was moon or two back.
I used to surf at Oakura before they put up that bloody chimney you portray.
Are your works for sale and if so what price the painting of Oakura beach,
Cheers, John Graham

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