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December 18, 1998

i Enjoyed paul's paintings and your web page presentation and wondered how you got to New Zealand?

December 17, 1998

Debz Ruffell
Hi Dale,
Nice to see your website, it's all new to me-I still type with one finger but I'm getting better at this computer stuff!!!
I'm in Taranaki over Xmas might call on you, I haven't seen you for ages, be nice to catch up on things.
love Debz

December 9, 1998

Brian Dicks
Great home page.
I loved the landscapes and the portraits.
Take a look at my homepage when you get a chance.

December 5, 1998

Cath Fowell
Dale very good, you seem to get better advanced each move you make.
Regards to you and Paul.
I always loved Pauls Hands he painted they were Beautiful.

November 16, 1998

In college, 3 years ago, they tried to tell me painting (especially people) was dead, but I am still in love with portraiture.
I can see you are, too, +Paul.
Nice work. I am inspired!

November 15, 1998

paul dyson
hello Dale I found your website looking at art and thought you have lots of imagination in your work, great stuff.
I live in Canada now but my Mum and Dad have a place at Mokau in Taranaki

October 28, 1998

little bobby duncan
I finally took the time to look at your sites.
Your comments about art and gender were very telling. I find people wondering if I am young[51], small [6'4"- 270lbs] etc. people make some quick assumptions, but in the end, it is the art.
I love to surprise people [can a large loud hairy man with a braided, beaded beard be literate, sensitive, creative?] Who can say? Only the shadow knows for sure! I've still got to come back and see some more of your stuff.
little bobby

October 23, 1998

deborah zilber
i liked your art.
do you call that "assemblage" ?
i ask because i work with a lot of materials, but mixing paints and tissues, but i+don't know the name for what i do.
it's good to know that there are people who see the things like that.
excuse me my poor english. bye.

October 9, 1998

I love this site, and the art!
You must be a family truly living in peace!

October 2, 1998

Juliet Oliver
Have just been admiring your interesting page Toby, wish all this had been around in the 50s when I was 11...
And Albie's Greytown show opens tomorrow; I have printed his page to show the multitudes. It looks great.
See you next month.

October 1, 1998

Emerson Vandy
I happened to catch the quintet exhibit at the GB a wee while ago on an infrequent trip home to NP. Your assemblages were really cool, and long may you divert the web with the debris of the Okato area.
I'm temping at a PR firm in Wellington at the moment that does the visa gold art awards, and I thought I'd bookmark your website on their PC in then hope that something interesting might actually get into the visa golds next year. Keep up the junk.

September 13, 1998

Marsie N. Mo'o
so thrilled to find your web site on the internet
I am a NZer living in Hawaii and have had an interest in calligraphy and especially handmade unique paper. I have never seen flax made paper. Sounds really interesting. What info can you give me about any hand made paper that is made in NZ. I am interested in being a distributor of such if possible Would love to chat with you. Thanks.

August 20, 1998

Beth Duke
Howdy from Tennessee! Didn't see any other U.S. "Southern" folk on the guestbook, so thought I'd sign.
Great site.
I always admire people who are not "cookie cutter" types.
We are homeschoolers. I would tell you our site, but you'd most likely find it preachy, and you would learn we are not so good at math. Music, though, we can do that!

August 12, 1998

Helen Bell-Palmer
I am amazed! Your technique is totally different to mine in which I use a travel iron and a sort of adaptation on a soldering iron. Your method gets an entirely different look.

august 4, 1998

Eric McCann/Elkin, North Carolina, USA
Dear Dale:
"Don't Put Me on No Bleeding Pedestal Mate" seems to connect me with an earthy quality that I search for daily.
This piece also reminds me of my childhood, damaged and broken.
Foretelling the future of America.

July 17, 1998

Anne Heggie
Hello Paul, Dale and Toby,
I am an Australian painter and was given your website by an artist friend, Melissa Wright. You probably know Melissa as she lived in New Zealand for several years and exhibited in your area. I have really enjoyed looking at your works. If you would like to view some of mine you can on http://www.geocities.com/Paris/LeftBank/6115
The website contains images from a couple of years ago and I hope to have things updated soon. If your ever over this way please come to Lennox Head. Both Melissa and I would be happy to greet you.
Thanks again for the pleasure of viewing such lovely work.

July 4, 1998

Ballina Library
dale & paul, what an incredible treat to find your websight-truely, really, absolutey great. I do miss Taranaki and the wide array of those in the realm of creation.
Melissa Wright

June 25, 1998

Michael Bossom
Loved the encaustic work. Such a great medium for creative exploration and expression. Keep doing it lots!
regards from Wales,

June 2, 1998

Larry Aylward
Great website! I did a search on 'puniho' and was very surprised that something came up. I particularly like the picture from Komene Beach of the mountain (a great view - nothing remotely similar here in London).
Larry Aylward

May 29, 1998

Hi I am ex pupil of Dales, you taught me 6th form maths at Spotswood College.
I am now about to complete my Bachelor of Education at Waikato University next week. As part of a computer in education course we were asked to find websites that we could use when teaching. I was looking for art web sites and that is how I found yours.
It's great and very interesting. Definately one I'll come back to when I have more time to browse.
Thanks for a great artistic experience,
from Julia Scrimgeour

April 30, 1998

Tereza Del Pilar
Fantastic skies.
Excellent quality and technique.
Congratulations, I understand your approach as I am also an Architect and Painter.
I would love to see the real paintings! I have lived nearby in Sydney for a couple of years where I worked as an Architect in 1987-1989.
Good luck.

March 24, 1998

Robyn Lassey
My sister Kerry Lilley gave me your site address ages ago and I have finally gotten around to looking at it - it is so well put together and really enjoyable to browse through - I can't wait to get to school tomorrow to show it to the Art teachers - I think they will love it.
Congratulations on a wonderful webpage.
Robyn Lassey

March 19, 1998

Anne Harris
How I have enjoyed your studio on the web! From Paul's Open face with complexity behind the eyes against a moonscape, to Dale's words about herself and her assemblages to the book binding--- all fascinating.

March 4, 1998

roberto chiodi
Nome della Società
avete una faccia molto felice(O sempre cosi?)anch'io ho una fiflia di 11 anni e anch'io dipingo, quando il teatro me lo permette.
A presto roberto

February 16, 1998

Don Erker
I really liked "all" of the work on your page. I consider Toby to be very lucky to be surrounded by all of the Art and Math. I think the realism shown in your paintings is very beautiful. Everyone I have ever talked to, that I can remember, would love to go to NZ. Your paintings and photos reinforce that desire. Too bad you're on the other side of the planet. Thanks again for sharing your work on the Net.

February 7, 1998

pat mcdonald
I have some dear friends that have been to your lovely country several times. They are someday thinking about living there for a year, I just hope to be able to visit someday.
Very nice web page!

January 21, 1998

Loved your work seen on the internet. Take a look at mine at http://www.wa-digital.com/LeoKaplan or at Yahoo under Assemblage Box Art

January 4, 1998

Rashidah A. Salam
These are an interesting work. I am a collage/assemblage artist also. Nice to see it.

January 4, 1998

Carole Mallard
I loved your work.
Toby is a real cutie. I have a nephew who is 11. Maybe he would like to be a penpal.

December 22, 1997

Igo Kirchlechner
ShopArt e.V., München
Your site is really nice - good art in. Coud You tell me, whre you got the conter from.
Its good as its simple, not transporting cookies or advertising. I would like to install it on my liththome Page too. Can You Email me under shopartev@aol.com.
thanks an merry christmas from Munich, Germany (www.shopart.com)

December 18, 1997

Craig Andrews
The Gender Centre
I am an artist and calligrapher by trade. I am interested in handlettering and handbinding my own artworks/books.
I know of no one else here in Australia doing the same.
Stumbled across your site - looks really great.
Keep at it. Wonderful.
Take Care, Craig.

November 25, 1997

Umberto Sartori
across a couple of oceans a friendly good bye.
Venice, Italy

November 25, 1997

Gueganne & Len Doucet
Enjoyed your page and I used the photograph of Toby her father and dog for my desktop. Lovely photographs --- thank you.
I am an artist in Canada -- contemporary realist-painter.
It was lovely to see such a nice family together on the net.
I enjoyed my time with you -- Gueganne

November 17, 1997

Greg Whyte
Pleased to see Taranaki rural people getting into the swing of the Net.
Stumbled on your page, know where Puniho is (tanker driver)
Take care, good luck.

October 14, 1997

zvi bar giora
i like your site

October 5, 1997

Don Ford
I like what I see. Especialy the Encaustic Work.
Don Ford from Oshkosh, WI, USA

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