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August 30th, 2014

Hi Dale
Thanks for sharing your pizza oven experience! I.m half way through mine and wondered if you brought the clay from nelson?
And which type do you recommend...I.ve used an old water cylinder & bricks so far & up to the clay stomping stage
Kimberley in tauranga nz

August 27th, 2014

Hello Dale: I have just discovered U and your work-so prolific:
is truely amazing. . .esp. the assemblages. They have so much soul
and signs of ages past. Thank U for being.
felicia Belair-Rigdon/artist, USA

August 3rd, 2014

Dale... I would just like to say that I find you very refreshing and good for my soul.
I have tried to explain myself to my left brained friends and have always ended up apologizing for being me.
You have made me understand that it is possible to create works of art in the chaos I make while at work.
I love it that your studio is like it is and you don’t make excuses for it. I love you for it.
Your sense of humor matches mine and I wonder if we may be twin spirits...
Edan Ruthan Miller, Mankato, MN USA

January 4th, 2014

I really like your creations and your courage to open your space to others.It is very comforting to know there are other artists like me.
I usually see studios that don't look like they anyone works in them. I rarely let anyone visit it my studio.
It is my special place and any words or looks of condemnation cast a spell that haunts me for a long time.
My concern is what my son will be able to do with all the wonderful books and supplies when I past on.
He is not very practical about this and will probably dump it all.
Too bad as I know there are a lot of artists that would love to have my treasures. Till then I will continue to enjoy them.
Eva Macie

November 26th, 2013

Enjoyed seeing you on This Town; Puniho is a great place to live.
Love your artwork also after checking out your sites.
Need more people in the world like you.
Kind regards
Vicki, New Zealand

February 24th, 2012

Hi Dale!
I have just spent the happiest hour of my day viewing your “New Work Online”,visiting all your galleries and reading a little about your personal life. You inspire and enchant me...it is gift to know you!
With thanks and best wishes,
Martha, Stuart, Florida

May 4th, 2012

It has been a number of years that I have known you, Dale, and I was even lucky enough to play hostess to you in New Jersey whilst you were roaming the galleries and museums and street fairs of New York City. Max still hangs around the guest room bed with memories when you were here!!!!!!!
Now I follow you through London and other destinations in England, somewhat envious that you are able to make this trip. However, I hope you enjoy every minute of it and also that Fergus is enough distracted not to miss you both too much. Enjoy your trip and all your adventures!
With love,
Elisabeth & Max, the Bichon

April 8th, 2012

Hi Dale & Paul, hope you have a safe trip & a great time at the Freud exhibition. They will probably say you should have been here a few weeks ago when it was 25c !
Cheers! Ian, New Zealand.

October 14th, 2011

I LOVE you, or rather your work...... I'd most likely adore you in person.
Thank you for being and expressing.
also an artist....
Silvetta Ann Burns, Abilene, Texas, USA

August 1st, 2011

Hi Dale:
I have been checking in on you for many years now and I am always very impressed with your work as well as the work of your co-artists!
Always anxious to see what you will do next! I am YOUR greatest FAN!
~Gary Parker, (Detroit and Sarasota area artist), parkerartstudios@yahoo.com
Parker Art Studios, Mount Clemens, Michigan, United States

June 3rd, 2011

Hi Dale
Can you add me to the list of people who want a “100” book?
Please let me know how to pay and what to do. I am in Australia but don’t hold that against me!
Still very much an admirer of your work which has inspired my own artistic endeavours.
Grant Dowling, Australia

June 1st, 2011

hello from Apopka, Florida. I take art classes from Nancy McDonald who mentioned you over the years. I have been enjoying your art online even though I do not create collage at this time. I paint watercolor. My husband and I traveled with a motor caravan thru New Zealand for a year some time ago and love the people and country. When I look at some of the paintings by the wonderful artists there, I remember the clean air. thanks. if I get back there, I will look you up.
If you get to Montreal, Canada, I spend 5 months there in the summer.
Judi Kaye, Florida, USA.

January 3rd, 2011

Hello Puniho!
Enjoyed receiving the chapbook of fine art all the way from New Zealand. WOW! Who is this who lands me a book right to my mailbox... as a presence before the holidays? Glad to meet cha' Dale Copeland.
Why it's Dale Copeland from New Zealand.
Feeling lonely is a part of a committed artist ... enjoyed the HOME pic of you in your garden with its splendid cacophony of natural growing stuff that reseeds itself every year ... I just hired a hard and meticulous worker with his buddy from Columbia to pull out all the ivy that grows as a weed ... he replaced the railroad ties too ... the original plan of 45 years ago ... added more stones ... the place looks clean ... no weeds ... and certainly NO IVY. I like the clean look here on a street packed together within 100 feet of one another.
Love your vast collections ... organized ... thoughtfully placed with aesthetic their relationships into frames ... constructions that welcome the mind to focus on the content ... the relentless effect of one thing upon another.
Must go back to spend the time to view all the many wonderful collections presented. THank you for your considerable effort to present a virtual trip to your personal museum. I'm amused. I've sensed the Muse. (Maybe its Judy from New Jersey who moved to Mexico to receive the bounty of her personal Muse?)

July 19th, 2010

HI, Dale.....While on a sabbatical from parenting my 18 year old disabled daughter, I've had the luxury of stumbling upon your fabulous work and web page.
I truly enjoy your panache, your ecclectisim, your skills, your imagery and your overall humanity.
Many, many thanks for taking the time and energy requied to share who you are and the wonderful world YOU live in with all of us all over the globe!
Much love and support to you!
Carolyn (Tucson, Arizona formerly from Mexico!)

July 10th, 2010

Hi Dale,
I just wish to say that I really, Really like your work.
IDGARA, Australia

March 25, 2010

Great stuff! I am most impressed! Keep up the good work and share with others!
Cheers, hermit Mauriezen Guang Kadamapa, contemplative artist, Tasmania, Australia and the world!

February 24, 2010

Love your work! Interesting, thought provoking, fun!
Cathy Carey San Diego, CA USA

January 23, 2010

Hi Dale, I live in Auckland and make "stuff". I stumbled across your website and i think your studio is beautiful and inspirational! thanks for sharing! Danice Hamilton, New Zealand

July 30, 2009

Hi Dale,
My name is Jodi Shaw, I'm a singer-songwriter, living in Brooklyn, NY. I am now six months pregnant with my first (twins, no less) and in spite of my unrelenting devotion to songwriting and performing, something has to give. I can't get around so much anymore! Luckily I have been harboring an increasingly intense interest in collage/ assemblage for a long time. I have been looking at the work of many assemblage artists and I must say I find your work just so "dead on" in terms of voice and style. Thanks so much for making your work and for sharing it with the world via the internet. Such inspiration is exactly what this girl sorely needs . . .
Best Wishes, Jodi Shaw, Brooklyn, NY USA

June 26, 2009

Hey Dale,
Every time I see your great art I want to drop everything and run out to my studio and create!
Good stuff!!!!
Best regards,
Rajie www.rajie.org

February 13, 2008

Thank you for the PR for New Jersey on your blog. I loved seeing all the photos and it makes for quite a jet setter's travelogue.
Elisabeth, NJ, USA

December 7, 2008

Thanks Dale - just visited you via Leslie at Textures, shape and colour blog - lovely to discover you too
My daughter lived in NZ for several years and I loved visiting her - sadly (from the point of view of holidays) she is back in the UK now but I love having her close again of course - I will just have to visit again without her one day!
Happy New Year, Rosie UK

November 4, 2008

As always so glad to see your beautiful work....outstanding!
Nancy McDonald

September 15, 2008

Thanks Dale for your e-mails keeping me up with the play, or some such thing!
How DO you find the time to do all this.With tempus fugiting all over the place as it does, you are nothing short of incredible.
Keep it all up though, we out here in the wildernesss need you – Phillipa C, Paeroa

September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Dale!
I celebrate that you are one of the luckiest people in the word :-D
As I opened up your happy blog (doesn't the word blog sound like something stuck on your shoe?) Bob Dylan was singing 'May you stay, forever young' on the stereo.
It took me back to Taranaki. Translate 'young' to mean vital, open and full of wonder and gratitude, and there you are!
May many more wonders come to your treasure trove...
Sue, (once of 'Ka-ti-ka-ra'), Wellington

August 24, 2008

Hi Dale, believe it or not you are the first person I have ever emailed! I am 3 monthes off 50 and am learning to use this blasted thing, anyway I didn't write to bore you with that, I wrote to tell you that you make me feel good about my studio and our house and even our garden too! I have to confess..." my name is Deborah ... and I am a compulsive, (ok and obsessive) collectaholic of stuff."
Seriously though, it seems to me that in the end we follow our natural inclinations, regardlessly, so after many years I stand up and say, albeit silently, to my old art lecturers that my gut instincts said it was ok to arrange stuff, indeed add stuff to 'pure things' like painting and drawing! It's funny isn't it, the thing I fought the most (this computer) has taught me in a couple of days that people like you and Joeseph Cornell do exactly what is the most natural, indeed, intuitive action I know to do. Strangely enough I am one to tell other people to follow there creative whisperings. Ha Ha ! Anyway I think this might have taken me a couple of hours to get right. If I can get someone to show me how to send a photo of some of my stuff, well, who knows...thanks heaps Deborah.

August 4, 2008

I'm still laughing at the picture of your studio....and I'll bet 'the goodies' do not end there! At least, not if you are like me - and the picture could have been of me in my workshop 20 years ago (born 1923 in Texas). That picture has now been forwarded to everyone who knows what you mean about 'no flat surface'. With the death of my husband I find that to be my motto in almost every room! Hey, I know where things are.
(Pressed flower designs have returned to control my life in my later years - using a pressing method I devised 20 years ago which makes most of them transparent). What JOY....keeps me young.
kate, Dallas, Texas

June 14, 2008

Dear DAle:
I saw your extraordinary martial arts skills on you tube (was googling Gae baek) and just had to find out more about this amazing woman of a certain age (like me) who also likes to kick butt. Was thrilled to see that you also make brilliant art!
I have been practicing Hapkido for the past 7 years in NYC. Will think of you for inspiration when I test for Black Belt next year. Oh. I'm an artist too.
Best Regards,
Your fan, GA
PS Your jump kicks are as quick and agile as a teenager's!

April 24, 2008

Your work is like painting only with pictures-seamless! Yes, middle age can be full of bliss!
Jennifer CA

April 7, 2008

Your work is just terrific!!!!!!!
AB (Ansi)

March 23, 2008

Dale, I absolutely love your work. It was brought to my attention by Nancy Igol Nikkal. Please let me know if you have an exhibit nearby.
Great work!
Sandra, Georgetown, MA, USA

February 25, 2008

Hi Dale
Midhurst was my birthplace too....you taught me science at Okato College which served me well over the years.
Fantastic website and collections of work to view from afar in Birmingham UK. The mountain and coast call at times, 5 years is a long time.
Thanks for the chance to view your fab art.
Cheers, Jennie

February 23, 2008

Loved your work - introduced by Leila. Hope to participate next year, not enough time this year. Hope also to visit your studio some time in the near future! Anne, Wanganui, NZ

February 13, 2008

Thank you for letting me view your work online. You are such fun.
Shari Ozaki, USA

February 2, 2008

the collages are wonderful and i would have expected no less ,based on past experience.i appreciate your sharing these pre bakers dozen.
can't wait to see which you choose to include.
onward. margaret usa

December 3, 2007

How joyful!!! I'm glad to have found your site, and someone whose workspace is as cluttered as mine... wonderful work, Dale.
Norfolk, UK

December 2, 2007

I have had such fun watching your site over the last few years...and the art you and your fellow artists do is outstanding...
I teach watercolor but do many forms of art...and you are inspiring...
keep up the good work...
nancy from Florida
November 15, 2007

Dale - I am an art therapy student forced to take fine art classes - and therefore forced to bend to the will of my professors. The problem - my vision is different than theirs!
On a day where I have been completely frustrated by the inability to get my message across because of being forced into another's box, I found your work and I am refreshed!
Someone who thinks like I do and expresses it in a way I would choose to if I could. Many people wonder why I collect so much "junk". YOU GET IT - and for that I am grateful.
Keep up the wonderful work!

November 1, 2007

I am
two days
three red buttons
myself against the grass
a quilt of multicolored fat squares
and you
here is smiling up to the moon
across to the sun and down to you

October 31, 2007

Magnifique! Jacquemeau Leger/ Lafayette, Louisiana

September 4, 2007

Great work! Keep it up.
Richard from Oklahoma

August 19, 2007

Greetings from So. IL....I just finished exploring your site......and I wish you were my neighbor....
I love going on treasure hunts scouring the backroads for unsuspecting treasures to create something wonderful..
I do mosaics..........I love your art...very inspiring and puts a smile on my face.....Your work is very creative and some soul searching!!!
I've not done collages...but your assemblages are very very inspiring.........Continue putting the pieces together!!!!
Janet from Illinois

August 9, 2007

Hi Dale,
Your work is astounding, every precious small thing has a place in your world. Plus, your studio makes me feel better about mine. smile!
I live in Eustis Florida USA, and I'm a former social worker/art teacher, did some art therapy and then had to stay home to take care of my mom and grandchild. The blessing I was waiting for. I still teach art but I spend most days in my studio. I am doing a series about my Mom and wanted to make a shrine, that's the way i found you. My morning turned out much nicer for it.
Diana Barringer, USA

July 31, 2007

I very much enjoy your assemblages.
I teach a sculpture class and I always hope to inspire something similar in my students and once in awhile they surprise me.
Barb Kluver bjhome-myartwork.blogspot.com

July 5, 2007

Hi dale just wondering is it ok to use the name puniho as a name for your site cause my bloodline is from there and I just don’t think that’s right unless otherwise what do you reckon don’t get me wrong cause I no you are a cool person. (okato for life)
Shiloh, New Zealand.

June 9, 2007

Loved browsing your wonderful artwork.
Terri(cheesebox maker /assemblage artist) sent me here from H2G2 and I intend to visit regularly.
They're thought - provoking ,beautiful ,wry, and humorous.
You have an impeccable eye for design.
Elisabeth Higginbotham

May 19, 2007

dale-- just saw your work on the net--- very inspiring-- thanks,i think i'll go to my to my studio and make something--
robbie wolff, fairhope alabama.

May 13, 2007

Dale - What a treat to see your work and learn about you.
You have been corresponding with me (with great effort I might add) about a collage I expressed an interest in by another artist.
Serendipity led me to you - so strange - hear the music from The Twilight Zone? -
I am really drawn to assemblage work and am signed up for a week-long class in Mendocino, CA this July.
I clicked on to your site just because I saw your name and recognized it from your correspondence.
I love your work and I love your spirit even more.
Being about the same vintage as you, I was really taken with your ability to break boards/bricks and such even if you do dislocate a toe or two.
I think our generation is setting a whole new picture of "senior".
It was a hoot getting to read about you - you and your work are treasures.
Victoria Sarantopulos, Sacramento, CA U.S.A.
(And please don't hold me or anyone I know responsible for the Bush Administration - they're an abomination!)

February 18, 2007

I just love your work. It's so different and beautiful. The best I have seen.
I am an artist myself. Painting and pottery, altered cards and books,collage etc. etc. Life is wonderful!!!
and your work is wonderful!
Raina Redhawk, Phoenix, Arizona-USA

February 6, 2007

Hi Dale, very intriguing work. In all honesty I don't like it all but that's ok as I do appreciate your creative spirit and ingenuity. I hope that I can produce the same vibrancy. thanks for the inspiration
Glenda Paul - immerging artist NZ

January 31, 2007

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! found art has a different kind of energy, it's fun to hold...
Thanks for all the inspiration. There's positive vibrations coming your way.
.onehuman is ~Dylan Hunt

January 30, 2007

Hi Dale, Beautiful work!
Thank you for the photo of your studio----I feel so much better now!
Peggy USA
P.S. This is the first time I ever sent a msg to an artist. I'm old--but new to attempting to do "art" myself---and your art is one of the forms I really love!
Margaret Cameron, Bensalem, PA USA

January 24, 2007

Your artwork is just bloody marvelous. Reading some of the reviews, it is a real treat to see how you interpret your world. Thank goodness for your sense of humour. You express beyond words and I love it.
Deborah Groom, Langley, B.C., Canada

December 27, 2006

Hi, I am sending 13 collages for your exchange.
I read about it in Artist's Magazine and was so intrigued.
I made copies of the information from your site to share with the artists in a group I started called ARTsisters.
Check us out at www.artsisters.org.
Linda Dubin Garfield, Printmaker and Mixed Media Artist www.lindadubingarfield.com

December 12, 2006

Very inspiring. I came across your web address in the Artists Magazine. I really love the assemblages.
Ron Mobley, Missouri, USA

December 10, 2006

A great and inspiring web site, congratulations, Richard Clark, New Zealand.
Richard Clark's kiwicafe.com film / fotography / filosophy www.kiwicafe.com

November 26, 2006

Lovely lovely work .... I loved every piece of your, and the stories behind them are fantastic tooo.
I found you in a web search list, and you were the person just above me. Assemblage.
So, I went to your site to check you out, and just loved it all.
Thanks for the walk through art... Better than a gallery...
Mary Bogdan

October 7, 2006

How sad that you have thought so deeply and never found the beauty.
Life exists without you; you do not exist without life.
Make peace with the world and learn to love.
Beauty is everywhere. Open your eyes. Look only at the beauty; the rest doesn't matter.
Bud Kramer

July 18, 2006

comments: Hi! :) I've just discovered what the name of my favourite art is: "assemblage". I simply just LOVE it! :)
And your art is amazing!! Just the kind of art I love to make myself.. I just didn't know the name of it before yesterday.
Normally I do a lot of collage, but lately I've wanted to do assemblage. It's really a great way to do art :)
And your messy room - I know exactly how wonderful it can be to have all the materials around you. A true heaven :)
Ninna, Denmark, Europe

July 17, 2006

hi your site very good thanks webmaster. www.sohbetsevgi.net turkey hasan.
good bye

March 15, 2006

Amazing, just so so easy to identify the inner soul of life, the meaning of and so beautifully examines the humor and passion of mothers. Just awesome.
Mary-Anne Perel, South Africa

March 15, 2006

I never know what trail I'll end up on while surfing the net. Today I ended up here and let me just say I am breathless!
Love your work and I am blown away by the whole Baker's Dozen exchange.
I look forward to participating in a future exchange.
Thanks for sharing your gifts, Sharon Andrews USA

March 2, 2006

Hi Dale--I am always enjoying your monthly shows.
Beautiful visuals on the "Urgent Alchemy" show.--Max Ernst, early 1930's Joseph Cornell, perhaps Dali too--and so many others like me that dabble--
Your friend in art--Richard Sampson

February 9, 2006

Thank You for your wonderful site Please check out my brand new site www.artrecycled.com
I heard from you before and now my site is up and working. Hope to hear from you!

February 1, 2006

Dear Dale You are one of my inspirations - thank you!!
Here is my paintblog, if you're interested: www.photoblog.be/fkrsinich
It would be great to get other artists using this format for sharing work (as far as I can tell, only photographers are using them).

January 14, 2006

I enjoyed your site I 'm starting a site to help anyone to create art by starting with collage http://www.artrecycled.com
hope your work will inspire or at least explain a few concepts

January 7, 2005

Hi Dale,
Love your site...found you through the yahoo collage group which I've recently logged in to.
Am working on a Baker's Dozen entry...what an amazing concept, and amazing amount of work (a la dedication).
I'm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
Have been painting for over 20 years, and doing collage for about 3.
Love it and love the selling part!!
Thanks for being here!, Linda Distel

December 21, 2004

I'm totally confused as to how I got there (Monday morning and all that!) but assume it was via your LJ blog.
Anyway, very glad to have seen your work, it's strong stuff - funny and scary and evocative.
Oh - and I'm in Prague, Czech Republic (bet I'm the first from Prague!)
Best wishes, Karen Mahony
The Magic Realist Press, Prague, Czech Republic

June 19, 2004

Hi Dale,
I have been going thru a very rough time in my life, trying to heal a broken heart, in part due to many things in my life. I have not touched my art in a month, and I was searching for inpiration to get going again, when I found your sight.
Thank you! I love your stuff.
Stella Cultrona, Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America

March 29, 2004

Your work is beautiful.
Thank you for sharing.
Nancy California, USA

December 30, 2003

You know how I love you and the art you do...I just saw 2 creatvity buddies in here also Fast, and Jane Wynn my collage teacher...Art goes round and round and round...sending off this years entries finally for the Bakers Dozen thanks for all you do to encourage us...Joy Logan USA

November 22, 2003

Hi Dale,
Don't know how I got to your page - but I'm glad I did! You have some pretty thought provoking stuff here and have really taken the 'found object' to new heights! Well done! I'll be back!
Kind Regards
Lynda, U.K.

October 12, 2003

Hi: Really enjoy your work and your site.
I had to put it on my desk top as I go there often.
Thanks for all the great art,
Ronnie Baker USA

July 11, 2003

Some pretty stuff there Dale.I was sent here another assemblage artist, Terri Zen Devil, whom I met at h2g2, to see what it is you guys di.

May 5, 2003

Originally fell in love with assemblage art in S.F. several years back through an Art Institute friend who later opened my eyes to Cornell.
Thanks for the pleasure!
-R. (~psi)
Section 23

April 19, 2003

Great job...very well thought out.
articimo.com Exquisite African Art

March 10, 2003

looked at every image, in every room (all eight)...your work is fascinating, and your commentary riveting, poetic, insightful and heartbreaking...
if you don't mind me quoting you, some of my favourite passages are:
"Sometimes the hardest thing about being able to do something is deciding if you should."
..."The comforts of believing are to be envied..."
"It comes to us all - dentistry, decay, death. (The rich can avoid only taxes)"
"All you can do is the best you can with the hand you find yourself holding. (But we do get explicit instructions for the things that don't matter: USE COOL IRON ONLY...."
...and, to disagree a bit, i think you HAVE understood T.S.Eliot's line "I have measured out my life with coffee spoons"...[which is, by the way, from my very favourite poem of his]...
[and regarding "Cornell is Dead, Long live Cornell"...that's how i originally FOUND your site...in looking for links to Cornell...]
the poem by edna st. vincent millay is wonderful, as well...i'd never come across that...i also wanted to learn more about gaelyn and to look at toby's site, but those links are disabled, as you must surely already know...
in any event [and sorry to be so longwinded]: wonderful work.
Laura Gould
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

February 16, 2003

Enjoyed viewing your unique and creative works of art. I am an artist and just became involved with Assemblage and book art.
Thanks for sharing!
Marlene Diamond, U.S.A.

February 7, 2003

Great web site, I appreciate it.
Mick Lexington, www.micklexington.com

February 3, 2003

Remember the days when Midhirst was known as "Looney Valley" Dale?
How easy School was for us all. No cares, no responsibilities. Great days!

November 13, 2002

so impressed with your work...Cornell meets Dali I'm an art teacher for 530 super little munchkins and I just had to show them your creations!! thank you for further opening my eyes...you're awesome..Betsy

September 19, 2002

Such a person in the work.
That's all I can say.
I enjoy very much spending time with the work and the person in the work when I visit and re-visit your pages.
Thank you so much Dale for sharing so much with everyone and sharing it so beautifully and with such great thought.
Mary Fletcher, California USA

August 8, 2002

Jeanne Roth, USA
I love the assemblages. They're fabulous! I'm moving from collage toward assemblages. Someday!
Jeanne Roth, Arkansas USA

June 1, 2002

Janice Lowry, usa
Dear Dale,
Your work looks great. How large are the pieces and what price range are they in?
Let me know. I have been trying to make smaller assemblages so a broader audience can own them.
Mostly collectors with money seem to buy my work but there are alot of "fans" that can't afford it.
So I would like to know what works for you....warmly janice lowry usa

May 29, 2002

Eydi Lampasona, USA
Outstanding, thoughtful work in which the viewer participates instead of being a spectator.

March22, 2002

MaryJane, USA
Hi Dale~ Your assemblage art is very unique.
The interpretation of your ideas via your assemblage work are terrific!
My favorite one is the "The Not Very Merry Go Round".

December 3, 2001

Mary Dolan
Dale, I love your work! Wonderland is STRIKING!
Looking forward to visiting again and again. M.D.

December 3, 2001

loved your artworks and your w.page.im ateacher too. im developing an indigenous montessori edn pilot (very consuming) but I miss my art dabbles so its good just to enjoy it vicariously,I love to collect stuff along beach but havent presevered putting together so im doing this online course in the hols to inspire the artist sleeping

December 1, 2001

Linda Wood Feldman
I found your site from the Yahoo collage group.
What an inspiration you are. The way you combine and enrich the objects and the stories you tell! I'd love to go shopping with you.
I will look forward to working with you on some amazing project you come up with via the group.
Thanks for the tour of your wonderful sculpture.

September 7, 2001

Chris Angell
supreme dreaminess, sudden terror truth in a potion of wood and bric-a-brac treasure chests that curl eyelashes and the heart laughs in all four chambers this is echoe and beauty music a textural chorus of yes, this art agrees that we can rummage in mystery steer three fingers into magnetic fields and build on a foundation of junk that becomes love and curious sustenance stroking the mind open with a tickle I bought a ticket on this art and they took me everywhere, visionary travel the passport of fingertips welcomed for the delicate secrets aching the skin never finished with toys and glue

August 21, 2001

Tatia Adams
What can I say, very thought provoking, interesting, sad, funny.
Great idea about the book, I like the individuality of designs.
Would like to know more about your process.

August 1, 2001

julie heron
Hi Dale, Love yr work. it's great to see an inspirational box making fellow artist. I've just branched into making assemblage works after years of charcoal drawing. I'm having heaps of fun and getting rid of some old junk as well (though I'm probably collecting near as much new old junk in the process. I've bookmarked yr site, I'll be back!
Cheers from across the water!
Julie H.

August 1, 2001


July 23, 2001

Carter Stevens
Very clever and nicely done. I had fun "touring" your site.

June 12, 2001

Hi Dale, I'm a good friend of Linda Woods (California) who is in your latest swap group.
I got her hooked I think, by sending her a package of mixed goodies to start her off for her last birthday, now she blames me for the fact that she has no time for housework and other important things! I knew she'd love it and be so good at it too. I'm in Auckland. Do mostly collage cards at this stage but am hoping to get into bigger things in time. Loved seeing your work. It's wonderful.

June 12, 2001

Dale: Beyond beyond. Fast

April 28, 2001

Jennifer Simpson
Thanks for accepting me,Gina and Mum into your home/ studio on Wednesday, unannounced and uninvited. I've felt energised and 'ready to go' ever since then. I have so much in my head to produce. Its very difficult to explain to someone the 'need' to be creative. Its was neat to be with people who understand that need. You two have done so well!
Thanks again.

April 5, 2001

Julia Cates
Greetings, Dale. Just late-night cruising through your site, enjoying your assemblages very much. I'll be participating in the 3rd annual Baker's Dozen. Thank you again for all your organizing.

March 29, 2001

Neill and Kirsten Livingstone
Very impressed with Dale's work.
What a multi talented woman.

March 22, 2001

Jane Wynn
Hello Dale- You know how I feel about your works! Bravo! Here is some food for thought: "For me art is like a secret, an epigraph. It is literally cut out of life. We must not try to show too much, to divulge everything, to unveil too much. We must give some small clues, even unnecessary clues. Art is a secret shared between the individual and the collective. In order to be touched by a work of art, it must first refer to the person who made it, a strong personality, and it must touch the collective, everyone must find something in this order."...Annette Messager

February 26, 2001

Rosa Hirsch-Holland
Lovely artwork, very inspiring, i love your assemblages and the way you talk about them. Thankyou Dale for your help. Love Rosa x

February 1, 2001

Aye Nonie
No matter how often I check out your work, I am always inspired anew!

January 9, 2001

Wencke Turner
I can't believe I stumbled across your website! I was looking up "art deco", but what a find! I, too, studied maths and physics, destined for a career in nuclear physics. I didn't teach, however, but, like you, have chucked it all to move to a remote (fairly) island in Canada - Vancouver Island - where I have at last given in to my creative urges and opened my studio. I make paper from all the beautiful plants I grow in my little corner of paradise. I then use my paper to make books, paper sculpture and other art. I just wanted to say "Hello".
Best regards,
Wencke Turner
Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada

October 29, 2000

You have some fantastic pieces in your online gallery!!
If you are interested , please visit my own online assemblage gallery: http://assemblageboxes.homestead.com

July 23, 2000

Doug Gelhaye
I love your art!

July 21, 2000

Glenys Bloor
Dale-I really love the piece of your work-ROOM 2-What shall we do tomorrow?What shall we ever do?Great work!I can understand your work a lot better now with your comments underneath.

June 4, 2000

Linda Bigness
You are truly amazing in your insight and energy. I found your work to be fascinating and very interpretive. The Baker's Dozen is a wonderful venue and I am curious as to how one can become involved with this creative endeavor. Please visit my site at http://home.earthlink.net/~lbigness/ or go to: www.artfulview.com
Thanks again for the rewarding visit

April 3, 2000

Kit Craig
I'm studying fine art in Newcastle and am working on similar ideas as Dale. Although I'm only 22, memories of childhood however vague or distorted fascinate me at the moment. I have particularly vivid memories of certain objects and experiences in my grand parents house. I think way their house seemed so obviously to be from a different generation to where I grew up: just the silly domestic things like the wallpaper, carpets and the mindless collections of ornaments. I remember very vividly the "magic cushion" - whenever I went to see my grandparents they would hide sweets under the magic cushion as if they had magically appeared. Although this might sound totally insignificant, the "magic cushion" has become the focus for my work. Encompassing ideas of "rememberance of things past" and more abstract ideas of a lost magic and striving to recatch it. Anyway, if you're interested drop me a line.

March 2, 2000

carol langton
To Dale, I have really enjoyed the design of your site(s). well done. Toby, your stuff is great. I am involved in writing the distance education (Correspondence School) visual arts programme at the moment. Is there any advice that you can give me for setting up home art programmes for students aged 8-13?? I do have to foillow the NZ Art Curriculum but I'd appreciate some ideas from a home schooled student. Cheers, Carol.

February 1, 2000

Georges Tafelmacher
Let's get together in a "people's web" where we can admire all sort of artists and vibrate with their art.
a_head's Art-Pad

January 8, 2000

We very much enjoy your art page and exhibitions. If you are ever interested in displaying your work in Dunedin, we would happy to arrange this for you. For more information about the Gallery you are welcome to e-mail or phone us on 0800 Rosslyn. Or youmay wish to speak to Rae Van't Hof. Kindest regards from all here at The Rosslyn Gallery at 320 George Street Dunedin

January 5, 2000

Hull O .. Live In New Plymouth .. You Might Have Seen Me Around .. Use To Live Out Tha Coast .. check Out Mah Site .. (o; http://nihilistikmyndz.scriptmania.com/

January 3, 2000

Derek Brown
Was happy to find yours & other sites from home on the net. Liked the scapes & photos of the mountain & seascapes.
IDEA!?! Go to Waitara lookout @ MANUKORIHI for a good shot of mountain with the valley as a foreground, or other good ideas. Cheers & keep up the WORK.

December 19, 1999
Des & Pip Kearse
we have and love "duck feather on pink shirt", and "Overkill". Enjoyed browsing... bye....

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