Dale Copeland


The old woman from Mensa KNOWS what she’s losing (2017)

Mixed media assemblage


Tell us a bit about yourself:
Taranaki, circling the mountain, always returning after exploring the world.
Assorted careers... nuclear physicist briefly, mathematician forever, teacher/computer programmer/webmistress still.
But mostly, artist.  Assemblage... careful constructions of found objects, the philosophy of the found.

Where does your inspiration come from?
The found objects which carry their own story. By juxtaposition of disparate treasures, their pasts come together and make a new present.

What do you love about the media you work with?
What’s not to love?  I have a hoard of treasure, and pore over it, looking for the thing which is just perfect, just the right shape, colour, and meaning. Like a poet searching for the exact right word. When it works, it’s the best feeling in the world.

What tool or technique could you not live without and why?
Strong words. I could live without all the tools, but I’m glad I don’t have to. The power drill and a big supply of copper wire would be top of the list of most used.

Why is art so important?
Art, making, the creating of what wasn’t there before.  To me, to any artist, it feels like the best thing you can be doing with your life. It sure beats striving for a pay cheque.  It also pleases me to organise opportunities for other artists to show their works. Those who can, should.


Email address: dale@tart.co.nz

Website: www.dalecopeland.co.nz / www.virtual.tart.co.nz