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A blog - it's a weird concept. Like leaving your diary on a high shelf in a dark corner of the biggest library you can imagine.

But I kept a diary for years and years, and I guess this is no less rational than that pile of dusty books in a corner of my lair.

So, for what it's worth, here it is. A day (or more) in the life of an artist. A very occasional blog.

email me if you wish. At dale @ tart.co.nz (remove spaces)

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Tuesday, 24th December, 2013
Christmas at this end of the world. Too hot to walk on the black sand at Komene, so a walk down Paora. Fergus, Dale, Toby and Paul (and some Photoshop magic to get us all into one photo).
And, documentary proof, I DO sometimes tidy a patch in my studio.
I needed a flat surface for making some large collages for taking to Paris, so cleared a desk completely off. It took two days!
Isn't it lovely? 10 minutes later it was covered again, but the flat bit is productive.

Thursday, 12th December, 2013
What a hectic 10 days. As a fundraiser for the artists planning to exhibit in Paris, I started a sudden gallery.
OFF THE WALL, in New Plymouth.
Just for 10 days - it was great. People are so supportive.
A great effort by all the artists: the nail holes are all filled, the walls repainted, and I'm back at home in my studio.
pip Guthrie took some great photos of the show.
Oh, and if you'd like to see the video clip of the thing they did about me for the TV show "This Town", Click here. They made a good job of it.

Tuesday, 12th November, 2013
Busy, busy.
I've got my Philosophy of the found exhibition on the Virtual Tart website.
My recent constructions. I'm pleased.
AND, the big news, artists on the Virtual Tart website have been invited to exhibit in Paris, November next year.
A fantastic opportunity but, of course, it's madly expensive to get there and to stay there for 15 days while the show is on.
So I'm having a sale of collages I've collected over the 15 years I've been running the International Collage Exhibition/Exchange.
Beautiful things, and people are being wonderfully supportive.
Do have a look, at outofsight.co.nz/CollageSale

Tuesday, 24th September, 2013
I've got my new book from the printer. It's been about 10 years in the writing. Complex Numbers in Graphs I'm pleased with it. Discovered some new things.
Such a lot of the maths we're brought up with just ignores the necessity for complex numbers. Like that second graph, for x to the power of x
Even with just using real values for x, this is what you get ... a lovely shape.

Saturday, 17th August, 2013
The Lantern parade for Taranaki's Arts Festival. The caterpillar, and the great team of 7 carriers, survived, in spite of all the enthusiastic head-waving, tail-twitching and body-bobbing.

July, 2013
The "hoon car" died suddenly so we got RedCar. Paul and Fergus can use the big silver one, RedCar is for me. My sort of size.
I drove down to Dunedin .... 6 days of driving for one day of seeing Toby and Peter. Brought back a carload of things they want stored. It was lovely. Stayed in a motor camp on a remote beach north of Christchurch, and in the Tombstone Backpackers in Picton.

Thursday, 16th July, 2013
Exciting times. I might put together a book: 70 days countdown to the three-score-years-and-ten. Such a lot happening.
I finished the commissioned lantern for New Plymouth's Arts Festival lantern parade. Madly ambitious, to make a huge lantern with two bendy-bus segments so it can move its head from side to sides, and twitch its tail, as well as lumbering up, down and sideways. Is that 'pitch, roll and yaw'? Something like that.
It will take 6 people to carry it. And one small person to carry the basket of flowers in front that the caterpillar will be trying to catch and eat.
Daft. But it's finished.

Friday, 31st May, 2013
In spite of having a rotten cold which slows everything down, I'm enjoying being in my studio, making things.
Very pleased with this digital collage.
Suggestions on what to title it? 'Progression of puppyfat' is a bit naff. 'Cradle to grave' is just too obvious.
But isn't it just lovely? I had my hand X-rayed last week because I hurt it trying to punch through a board at Taekwon-Do.
When I saw it on the screen I forgot all about the hurt in the excitement, & the determination to get a copy of the image!
The other images are photos when I was 5 and 40. How it all flies by.
'Self Portrait: 5,40,69'. Yes, that will do.

Friday, 24th May, 2013
It's so good to be back in my studio, playing and making, now that the collage exchange is totally finished. Artists paid, packages sent, everything finished.
I made a series of 8 prints. Collage on lino-cut. Weird things.

Saturday, 6th April, 2013
The 15th International Collage Exhibition/Exchange is in full flow. 110 artists, from 11 different countries. Exhibition hanging at the Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford, New Zealand, everything looking good. Sorting well under way.
click on this image of me and Anne hanging the show to see snaps of the exhibition.
I'm not getting much time in my studio with all the collage stuff happening, but Nancy Bell Scott sent me a piece of hand-constructed paper and it's so beautiful I used it in an assemblage.

Friday, 22nd March, 2013
What a mix of madness & stress!
Laptop was having a near-death experience so I got a new one.
Nice, but you know what a hassle it is to get a new computer to behave as you want it to.
Just got it right and we got struck by lightning! A direct hit ... blue flash up Paul's arm as he was cooking, big explosion from my lovely new computer.
Not as bad as I'd feared ... it seems to have just fried the modem/router and connecting cable. Phew!
99 packages of collages in so far (the 'deadline' was yesterday but there are more still coming. That's O.K.)
And, the big news, passed the 20,000 mark! Total of collages that have arrived for the exchanges over the 15 years I've been running it.
This is the twenty thousandth collage! And it's a beauty.
"WATER, FIRE, IRON, RUST: MY COUNTRY" - by Ursula Burmeister of Wanngardi, Alice Springs, Australia. Made of her handmade papers, depicting the harsh conditions in her part of the world. It's an excellent collage to mark this milestone (click on the image for a closer look).

Monday, 11th March, 2013
This is Fergus sitting in his good-boy chair.
Busy with collages. 66 packages in so far. Keeping me busy.

Friday, 8th February, 2013
The January exhibition on the Virtual Tart website was EXHIBIT NO FEAR - work and words by 56 artists from 9 different countries.
I put together a book from it, and I'm pleased with it. You can see some pages on the Press part of this site. Much wrapping and posting.

Wednesday, 7th November, 2012
Last weekend a group of us went to Maroochydore in Queensland, Australia. For a Taekwon-Do coaching seminar, senior grading, and tournament. A good weekend - I'm proud to belong.

Thursday, 1st November, 2012
It feels like a long time ago, but the photos from the investiture have just arrived.
With the Governor General Sir Jerry Matapaere. And with the musician Jordan Luck, who rushed in to help me be photographed. Isn't that lovely?

Sunday, 9th September, 2012
We drove to Wellington (lovely little windy city to walk in).
Investiture for M.N.Z.M. It was all done so well .... lovely.
Back home, back in our studios, all is well with the world.

Friday, 3rd August, 2012
Through a Glass Darkly.
After a LOT of work preparing everything for exhibition, we hung over 150 artworks! With help from our friends.
It looks really good. Upstairs, Real Tart Gallery, New Plymouth.

I've put all the images from the 100-day project onto a separate page.
It's here if you want to see it. Our trip to England, and the 100-page illustrated diary.

Friday, 13th April, 2012
Yesterday we (the 6PLY group of artists) hung our exhibition at Waiau Country Estate - it looks good.
And I posted the first lot of collage exchange packages. To artists whose work had sold. The beginning of the end. (Except you can guess what came in today's mail ... the first package for NEXT year!)

Sunday, 8th April, 2012
Progress. The collage exhibition is hanging in the Percy Thomson gallery in Stratford. The sorting is all but done.
Toby's bed is now covered with packs of exchanged collages in recycled envelopes instead of packs from each artist. Just have to add the ones from the exhibition in Stratford. And here's an image of the invitation postcard.

And the book for the 100 day project is ready for the start on April 20th. A title and collages for the who, what, where stuff.

Thursday, 29th March, 2012
It's been a hectic couple of months. In my studio a lot, making assemblages for an exhibition The End is Near in Utica, NY, USA. And for The Art of Assemblage at Taupo Museum, New Zealand.
Collages coming in for the 14th International Collage Exhibition/Exchange in April. So I'm madly sorting, making exchanges which are as close to fair as is possible.
The picture on the left shows the process of collage sorting. Toby's bed can hold 49 packs of collages.

Working on a project I've been thinking about for years ... attempting to depict 4D graphs from complex numbers by a set of 3D curves. Having ENORMOUS fun at it. The MAPLE software is lovely ... instead of having to try and imagine the 3D curves it will graph them and you can rotate them on the screen, get a real feel for their structure. Nice.
Pic on right is part of the 4D sine curve.

And Paul and I are going to go to London to see the Lucien Freud exhibition! After years of him not wanting to leave his studio, or his dog, and fighting depression, he said he'd like to see this exhibition by his favourite painter. So we've got the house-sitter & the dog-sitter, all organised. Hence the rush with the collages, hoping to get it all finished and the packages sent away by 22nd April when we leave. Phew!

And just to add to it all, I've decided to be part of the 100-day project. I've made a book, planning to keep a journal with a collage of found ephemera for 100 days from 20th April.
That's the book in the middle. Bound with plenty of room for 100 collaged pages.

Read the earliest page in this occasional blog.
The 2008 page, the 2009 page, the 2010 page,
The 100-day project
2012 - 2013

The Pizza Oven ... see the step-by-step method here.

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