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Friday & Saturday, 27th & 28th July, 2012
Days 99 & 100 of the 100-day project.
6 Ply Lunch with friends, giving considerate critiques of recent artworks. Planning for the future. Then back to the attic, cleaning up the past.
Roger and Marianne came, talk and dinner. We're fortunate with our friends.
And now, it's over. This 100-day project. An exercise in stubbornness. And clearing the attic, another such exercise is dogged persistence, not over yet but the end is in sight. Has to be. The insulation team comes on Monday morning.

Thursday, 26th July, 2012
Day 98 of the 100-day project.
Dentist, coffee with friends, teaching, Taekwon-Do. So much rushing around, it raises questions of identity. What are we but our layers of busyness?.

Tuesday & Wednesday, 24th & 25th July, 2012
Days 96 & 97 of the 100-day project.
I guess that's why I find clearing the attic depressing. Like life/death ... the richness & interest & old stories all decaying and dying.

Sunday & Monday, 22nd & 23rd July, 2012
Days 94 & 95 of the 100-day project.
I keep saying that housework is bad for you. The task of clearing the attic is getting to me. Alternating between thinking it's possible and seeing the progress, and seeing how much there is to do and knowing it can't be done. All those letters-from-the-dead. And old photos. Few things more depressing.
Went to Taekwon-Do training for a rest and respite.
Monday, hauled down hundreds of books. With old letters & photos eaten by silverfish. The passage of time is all too obvious.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 19th, 20th & 21st July, 2012
Days 91, 92 & 93 of the 100-day project.
Getting serious about clearing out the attic. A big job, but I THINK it's possible. Finding some treasures amongst the huge heaps of absolute rubbish.

Tuesday & Wednesday, 17th & 18th July, 2012
Days 89 & 90 of the 100-day project.
I've been putting more artists on the Virtual Tart site. 59 now. There's some good talent there.

Sunday & Monday, 15th & 16th July, 2012
Days 87 & 88 of the 100-day project.
Sorting assemblages for August show.
Taekwon-Do training - such enviable skills.
Monday - another attempt at clearing the attic. Interminable job. But some interesting finds.

Friday & Saturday, 13th & 14th July, 2012
Days 85 & 86 of the 100-day project.
Friday a home day, but 11 hours of it writing websites - putting two new artists on Tart site. Tiny bit of time at the end, in my studio, felt good even though it was just driving in one nail!
But Saturday, joy of joys. In studio. Finished assemblage. Happy day.

Thursday, 12th July, 2012
Day 84 of the 100-day project.
Walking (car getting WOF). Enjoying reflections.
Collected exhibition postcards & stickers for the forgotten bit of text.
Sitting over coffee peeling and sticking.
Through a Glass Darkly
Paintings by Paul Hutchinson, assemblages by Dale Copeland.
Real Tart Gallery, New Plymouth, 2nd - 15th August, 2012.
Chat with Paul and Dale (or help them finish hanging!) 4 - 5pm, Wednesday 1st August. Collage Workshop Saturday 4th August, 10 - 3
Bookbinding Workshop Saturday 11th August, 10 - 4.

Tuesday & Wednesday, 10th & 11th July, 2012
Days 82 & 83 of the 100-day project.
Moments of joy ... a ship sitting on the horizon at sunset. Taekwon-do.
Invitation postcard to printer. Marita came and brought her artwork - I like it.

Sunday & Monday, 8th & 9th July, 2012
Days 80 & 81 of the 100-day project.
Beautiful day. In studio ... always difficult to find meaning in the beginning of an assemblage.
Taekwon-Do, first day of grading for some seniors.
Monday ... IRD people came. And cleaning out attic. Huge job.

Saturday, 7th July, 2012
Day 79 of the 100-day project.
In my studio. At last. Finished one, photographed two older ones, started another. Smiling.

Thursday & Friday, 5th & 6th July, 2012
Days 77 & 78 of the 100-day project.
A beautiful day. A delight to drive .... mountain and sea, and lovely light.
Gave Anne the small laptop, friends at coffee, no students at Kip McGrath so writing webpages for book sale.
Taekwon-Do and home to get fire started.
Friday at home. Put Book Sale online, really good reaction. Packing and posting books ... New Zealand, USA, Brazil, outermost island off North Scotland.
Finished assemblage The Question of Fracking. It's been a slow and careful one.

Tuesday & Wednesday, 3rd & 4th July, 2012
Days 75 & 76 of the 100-day project.
A lot of my life seems to be governed by the collecting of firewood! Today a bootload of pine blocks. More often it's crawling in the hobbit cave of the woodpile, digging out the dry stuff. Or hauling a bag of pinecones back from the beach.
Wednesday at home. A bit in the studio, and putting images online.

Monday, 2nd July, 2012
Day 74 of the 100-day project.
A home day, just love it. Bit of other stuff to do ... accounts, website stuff, but in my studio, smiling.
Questions of identity & reality, looking in mirrors.

Saturday & Sunday, 30th June & 1st July, 2012
Days 72 & 73 of the 100-day project.
A home day, but busy. New exhibition to put online, new images for Rae, packing paintings for Paul.
And all the usual wood-gathering etc.
But got a little time in my studio, smiling.
Sunday, a glorious day. Cold & sunny. Went to beach with Paul and Fergus, brought back bag of pinecones.

Thursday & Friday, 28th & 29th June, 2012
Days 70 & 71 of the 100-day project.
Again, a tiny bit of time in my studio.
In town, settling details of Through a Glass Darkly exhibition.
Thinking of alternatives to the compulsory (expensive) opening.
Nice thing in Opunake & Coastal News.
To Hawera to judge school art competition.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 25th, 26, 27th June, 2012
Days 67,68,69 of the 100-day project.
Anne has given me two stunning paintings. I love them!
To Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford for touring portrait exhibition. Paul's looked good.
Meeting with Puke Ariki about Taranaki Art show.

Saturday & Sunday, 23rd & 24th June, 2012
Day 65 & 66 of the 100-day project.
A home day!.
Took a lot of searching to find a small fish skeleton I just KNEW was in there somewhere.
Found it, and it's just right.
And the lapel badge for the MNZM thing arrived in the mail.
And Sunday ... last day of sitting with the exhibition. good people, good conversations.
A break for Taekwon-Do black belt training, then packing up. All clear and clean, shared a glass of wine, sitting on the floor.
It's been a good experience, with good friends.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, 20th, 21st & 22nd June, 2012
Days 62, 63 & 64 of the 100-day project.
Minding the gallery from 12 - 4 Wednesday, 10 - 2 Friday.
Margaret brought me a gift - a skull. Lovely thing. Rabbit?
Midweek reporter came for an interview. Took a great photo - hope they use it. Anne (& Jess) with me and Julie.
It's a good exhibition, any way of measuring it. Looks good. Good visitors, good comments, good sales.

Monday & Tuesday, 18th & 19th June, 2012
Days 60 & 61 of the 100-day project.
Good to have a home day. Putting new artist on Tart site.
Visitors (with 4 dogs!) Finished web work at 3, in to my studio to play.
Tuesday - minding the gallery, teaching, Taekwon-Do.
These images are the other half of the artists in the Tart Showcase.

Sunday 17th June, 2012
Days 58 & 59 of the 100-day project.
Spent Saturday scratching & catching up.
IRD investigation, website writing.
Sunday in at gallery (it's a really good-looking exhibition), then Taekwon-Do.

Saturday 16th June, 2012
Days 55, 56 & 57 of the 100-day project.
Laptop fixed, although needing a new hard drive very soon.
Friday, we hung exhibition all day, opening at night. Lots of people, it was good. Some sales too.

Wednesday 13th June, 2012
My laptop has died.
Until tomorrow, can't upload things. The book continues.
6PLY exhibition starts Friday night - lots of preparation & excitement.

Sunday 10th June, 2012
Days 52, 53, 54 of the 100-day project.
Addressed lots of cards. A few more for hand delivery. Printed posters.
Took posters to Leila, to Taekwon-do training.
Friends for dinner, then printed 8 more cards.
Lots of congratulatory letters, from some unlikely politicians. Nicest from a lad in Manaia asking for my autograph!
Friday & Saturday 8th & 9th June, 2012
Days 50 & 51 of the 100-day project.
You call this organised??
Julie brought my camera back, and we spent a couple of hours finishing off the last of the invitations.
No time for celebration though ... not just bread-making, website-writing and doing the washing, but two hours printing reports for an IRD investigation. Sigh.

Tuesday 5th to Thursday 7th June, 2012
Days 47, 48, & 49 of the 100-day project.
Madly busy days, mostly making the invitations for the 6PLY exhibition.
Workshop out here on Wednesday, with Julie and Amanda. And all 6 of us working at Amanda's today, Friday.
Invitations are looking good. BUT I've left my little camera somewhere, with all the photos. I'll get organised tomorrow, too tired now.

Monday 4th June, 2012
Day FORTY-SIX of the 100-day project.
MNZM - in the paper today. So a good flurry of emails and phone calls. People are kind.
Enid's birthday (Paul's mum), so family lunch at Egmont Village. A lovely lot, feel very favoured.
Cutting matboard for invitations.

Sunday 3rd June, 2012
Day FORTY-FIVE of the 100-day project.
All day making 200 small collages for our joint-effort 6PLY exhibition invitation.

Friday & Saturday, 1st & 2nd June, 2012
Day FORTY-THREE & FORTY-FOUR of the 100-day project.
Way too busy - putting art online for people, reporter & photographer came.
Preparing for 6 PLY exhibition (handmade invitations take more time than we've got).
As well as taking load to the tip, making bread, AND getting a little bit of time in my studio. Huzzah!

Thursday 31st May, 2012
Day FORTY-TWO of the 100-day project.
Busy day. Met with Puke Ariki team planning to collect Taranaki artists' ephemera, with 6PLY group planning exhibition. (Exciting)
Teaching, then Taekwon-Do then home to put new exhibition onto Virtual Tart site. Looks good.

Tuesday & Wednesday, 29th & 30th May, 2012
Day FORTY & FORTY-ONE of the 100-day project.
Such a contrast ... the beauty of being alive, enjoying the landscape. And the dry and grey world of doing tax returns.
And Wednesday - nothing achieved except our tax returns, washing do-boks ... stuff that makes the wheels go round.
And a TINY bit of working on assemblage ... stuff that REALLY spins those wheels.

Saturday, Sunday & Monday 26th, 27th & 28th May, 2012
Day THIRTY-SEVEN, THIRTY-EIGHT & THIRTY-NINE of the 100-day project.
Excavating the studio, making it possible to get the Not-Very-Merry-Go-Round out. Enjoyed the look of the French doors open to the wilderness.
Sunday it started to rain ... we REALLY get rain. The Stoney River rose an enormous amount just while I was at Taekwon-Do.
A question from the assemblage I'm working on, how do you depict water?
By a picture, the word, the formula, or the LOOK?
Haven't solved the problem yet.
Monday, one of those rare days when we threw ourselves into cleaning the house. Once every ten years .....

Friday, 25th May, 2012
Day THIRTY-SIX of the 100-day project.
A home day, pottering in my studio.
Working on making copper parts for the Fracking work.
And tomorrow the Not-Very-Merry-Go-Round goes to its new home. Paul made a recording of its sounds for med.

Thursday, 24th May, 2012
Day THIRTY-FIVE of the 100-day project.
Good to meet friends at Petit Paris.
I enjoy teaching the senior students, especially calculus.
Taekwon-Do, pre-arranged sparring. I find it hard to remember moves unless they're written. Different people think and learn so differently.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, 21st, 22nd & 23rd May, 2012
Day THIRTY-TWO, THIRTY-THREE & THIRTY-FOUR of the 100-day project.
A beautiful day.
Anne came and did lots of scanning.
Paul and I chopped a huge branch off the avocado tree .. lets a lot more sunlight into the courtyard.
Finished the assemblage (covered the back with leather) and started fixing the wobbly figure on the Not-Very-Merry-Go-Round.
It will be off to its new home in Wellington at the end of the month.
Tuesday, the colours of my life. Snapped photos all day.
Wednesday, the delights of a home day.

Sunday, 20th May, 2012
Day THIRTY-ONE of the 100-day project.
That's how the mountain looks when the sun is setting.
Finished the assemblage - all wired together. Titchy work.
And to Taekwon-Do Black Belt training session ... feels good to get physical when you've been wiped out with a cold for a while.

Saturday, 19th May, 2012
Day THIRTY of the 100-day project.
The joy of having the freedom to play. In my studio, making things.
A lovely day ... that's the view out the window.

Thursday & Friday, 17th & 18th May, 2012
Days TWENTY-EIGHT and TWENTY-NINE of the 100-day project.
Still the tedious writing-of-taxation-forms, but then the joy of being back in my studio. Starting to play, to make. Smiling a great deal. In spite of giving up on a battle with Australian tax, trying to reclaim huge GST fee on sending a painting there. Just too much hassle. I don't often give up, but life is short.
P.S. I've collaged pages for all the days ... some I didn't post here, when I couldn't find Net access because of travelling.

Tuesday & Wednesday, 15th & 16th May, 2012
Days TWENTY-SIX and TWENTY-SEVEN of the 100-day project.
Waiting in airports ... finally the last haul, Auckland to New Plymouth.
Great to be home.
Quick shower and drove to town to teach ... a bit incoherent, didn't go to Taekwon-Do. Home, and SLEEP.
And today catching up with the pile of letters.

Sunday & Monday, 13th & 14th th May, 2012
Days TWENTY-FOUR and TWENTY-FIVE of the 100-day project.
The long haul of travel. Sunday, left the Middlesbrough hotel before 8a.m., trains to Darlington and London Kings Cross. Then underground to Heathrow. Waiting, reading, comparing coffee. Korean airlines, on the way.
Monday ... Paul's sleeping pills are wonderful things. A couple of hours to wait at Incheon airport in Seoul, then another long flight to Auckland.
Days disappear into slow walks around aiports.

Saturday, 12th May, 2012
Day TWENTY-THREE of the 100-day project.
A slow day in Middlesbrough. The art gallery, a museum, finding the house where Paul was born.
Then a curry and ale in a noisy pub. Just right.
Two long flights, with just a few hours in Korea as a stopover. So probably no postings until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Friday, 11th May, 2012
Day TWENTY-TWO of the 100-day project.
Today we leave this idyllic cottage on the moors, return the rental car, and move into a hotel in Middlesbrough for two nights, ready to catch the train to London on Sunday morning. We're ready for home.
Hotel found, car returned, no more obligations. Walking around in gentle rain.
Ale in a pub, had a pork pie & salad in hotel room. Life is good.

Thursday, 10th May, 2012
Days TWENTY & TWENTY-ONE of the 100-day project.
I'm wiped out with a cold. Debilitating.
Wednesday we drove to York and walked all through the walled city, then around the walls.
Today, when I managed to crawl out of bed, with Paul's uncle and aunt to Great Ayton, exploring the old churchyard, and lunch in a pub. Nice, but I'm smashed.

Tuesday, 8th May, 2012
Day NINETEEN of the 100-day project.
NOW we can navigate ... instructions from the iPad, following road numbers. Instead of "turn left where Potty's pig farm used to be".

To the east coast, explored 3 towns. Saltburn with its incredibly steep funicular, then walking miles along the sands to Whitby which has become like an amusement arcade, and the delightful Staithes built in an impossibly steep little cove. A good day. Although I've caught a rotten cold.

Monday, 7th May, 2012
Day EIGHTEEN of the 100-day project.
Driving over the moors, enjoying getting lost. Tracks through farms are public roads .... lovely country.
Found the Lion Inn on Blakey Ridge ... highest pub in Britain, on the cold bleak moors. A lovely refuge, with a huge steak and ale pie.
Then a different way back, through Hutton-Le-Hole, and exploring the ruins of Helmsley Castle.

Sunday, 6th May, 2012
Day SEVENTEEN of the 100-day project.
Explored (and got lost again) in Great Ayton. Then a family day.
With Paul's cousin and family we walked on the beach in Redcar, had their famous Lemon Top icecreams, caught up.
(That's Thomas finding the delights of a whole roll of toilet paper)
Not many pics for the journal until I can print photos.

Saturday, 5th May, 2012
Day SIXTEEN of the 100-day project.
A lovely day. Explored Great Ayton, walked around Cleveland Way, climbed Roseberry Topping, had a picnic on top. Sometimes fine, and sometimes the finest lightest hail. Is this what happens when drizzle freezes?
That's our Victorian terrace cottage marked with an arrow. Aren't we lucky?
And another long walk after dinner .. exploring Great Ayton and back.

Friday, 4th May, 2012
Day FIFTEEN of the 100-day project.
Today we catch the train up to Yorkshire. We'll be staying in a cottage on the edge of the moors, by Great Ayton.
Getting a rental car and exploring Paul's old haunts.
Exciting, and we're looking forward to the contrast with London's crowded rush.
Internet access may be hard to find, so I'll keep the journal going, but may not be able to put pages online for a while.

Well! Would you believe it. After a day of getting totally lost, in Middlesbrough, Redcar, Great Ayton and all places in between, we finally found our haven. And it's wonderful! Paul's cousin is letting us use her cottage on the moors. Victorian, 3-storey, an absolute delight. AND with Broadband!!!
Life is good.

Thursday, 3rd May, 2012
Day FOURTEEN of the 100-day project.
All day in the National Gallery. So many delights.
Voting day for London's mayor. Pamphlets thrust at us from all sides.

Wednesday, 2nd May, 2012
Day THIRTEEN of the 100-day project.
The British Museum is a wonder! So much to absorb, such treasures.
AND we tracked down another treasure ... an art supply shop which alone could justify emigrating to live in London. Paul was in heaven. Such delights.
Here he is, celebrating with a pint of Old Peculiar.
We've booked our tickets to go to Yorkshire on Friday. Might not have Internet access as frequently up there.

Tuesday, 1st May, 2012
Day TWELVE of the 100-day project.
Paul went back to the Lucien Freud exhibition, I explored.
Turner and Rembrandt in National Gallery, then walking. Picadilly, Bond street.
Such richness. This is the loo in Sotheby's.

Monday, 30th April, 2012
Day ELEVEN of the 100-day project.
Train to London Bridge, walking. Embankment, The Globe, hours in Tate Modern ... some exciting things.
Beer and platter at the Anchor ... the slowest service ever.
People are kind, helpful at giving instructions to lost wanderers.

Sunday, 29th April, 2012
Day TEN of the 100-day project.
A cold start, walking, finding our way. (Asked nice man for directions, he was the Deputy Mayor of London! Elections next Thursday.)
Tate Britain. Picasso exhibition. Most of their new acquisitions disappoint.
Found another good pub.

Saturday, 28th April, 2012
Day NINE of the 100-day project.
The Victoria and Albert Museum and walking in cold drizzle.
Old-fashioned British pubs are great.

Friday, 27th April, 2012
Lovely day. Mostly in the Science Museum - super! Then the musical Matilda.
We're getting good at the public transport thing .. 2 trains, 3 buses, 2 tubes today.
Lunch of good sandwiches under umbrella outside museum.

Thursday, 26th April, 2012
This is what we came for - the Lucien Freud exhibition. Magnificent.
To city by train, raining off & on (but not nearly as bad as the headlines would have it!) Anzac Day.
Westminster Cathedral, walking. Ghastly fish & chips, & Portrait Gallery.
Four hours in exhibition. Something of a pilgrimage for Paul.
Beer in a good old English pub, back on train.

Wednesday, 25th April, 2012
Day SIX.
Tuesday: London! Met by our generous host (plus chauffeur). To flat in Gipsy Hill. Warm and welcoming. Great to catch up on sleep.
Wednesday, rain on spring blossom. Out exploring. Groceries. Homely stuff.

Tuesday, 24th April, 2012
Days FOUR and FIVE.
The long long days of travel. 12 hours from Auckland (having to get up before 5am) to Seoul. Free overnight stay in the Hyatt.
Korean Airlines is very good, but such a long time to sit still. AND I finished all my books!
Very grand hotel, super breakfast. Out walking in bare ground, just to get the feel of the earth, the place, the misty air.
Cherry blossoms and wild little violets.
And now another 12 hours to London. (Must get more books)

Sunday, 22nd April, 2012
I keep realising why I hate leaving this little patch of Paradise. But our house-sitter/dog-sitter is moving in and we're off to London. With the 100-day book.

Saturday, 21st April, 2012
Paul was at a drumming workshop so I walked Fergus. Down Paora Road and along the edge of the sea. This is a beautiful part of the world.

Friday, 20th April, 2012
The 100-day project, DAY ONE.
The first of the daily collaged journal entries. This one about sending away the very last of the collage exchange packs.
And now to make the house ready for the dog-sitter/house-sitter (at present it looks like a Post Office sorting station!)

Thursday, 19th April, 2012
The last of the collage packages is out waiting for the postie.
I'll miss this while we're away ... regular coffee at Petit Paris with artist friends.
And tomorrow the 100-day project starts.

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