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A blog - it's a weird concept. Like leaving your diary on a high shelf in a dark corner of the biggest library you can imagine.

But I kept a diary for years and years, and I guess this is no less rational than that pile of dusty books in a corner of my lair.

So, for what it's worth, here it is. A day (or more) in the life of an artist. A very occasional blog.

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Thursday, 5th December, 2011
An odd couple of images.
I learned to make buckskin (workshop run by Aaron Tasker) and turned a dead goat into a lovely soft hide of buckskin.
Made this shoulder bag out of it, and absolutely LOVE it!
And the other image? Life is good.
A few of us met for coffee on New Plymouth's coastal walkway and it was such a lovely day we went up the river a bit for a swim in this water hole.
Julie Cannon (on the left) joined me. It was cool, in every sense. Just perfect.

Tuesday, 29th November, 2011
Life is good. Haven't tidied the studio (as you can see), but have been making things.
No Escape .... hard to photograph but there's a mummified baby possum behind that magnifying glass.
and Double Dipping ... an unusually happy assemblage for me. I've been very fortunate in my life ... with the second chance at life, love, career. Loving it all.
I've been invited to be part of an exhibition in Utica, NY. The End is Near so am happily working.
Also to be part of The Art of Assemblage in Taupo. A busy time.

Wednesday, 7th September, 2011

With our instructor, Mr Neill Livingstone, 5th Dan.
Am I short?
I'm so proud of my new stripes.

He's put an excellent video showing highlights from the Taekwon-Do seminar onto the Taranaki club website.

You can see it on www.taranakitkd.com/Worldwide-Taekwon-Do.html

Monday, 29th August, 2011
It was a very rigorous grading over the weekend - a Taekwon-Do training seminar with Master Jamie Moore of Australia, and grading:
Kirsten Livingstone going for her 5th Dan, and me trying for 4th Dan.

That's me throwing Brent Flynn around, me and Kirsten with Master Moore, and with our instructor Neill Livingstone.
A proud day after 3 years hard training. Taekwon!

Monday, 8th August, 2011
Jude Worters sent some photos from the workshop in Ballarat. The excellent work the course participants made, and me in my cane-toad "fascinator".

Sunday, 7th August, 2011
It's been a busy time with the RENEGADE exhibition. Yesterday an artists' tour, today a panel discussion.

From left: Julian Ward, Paul Hutchinson, Rhana Davenport, Rae Priest, Michael Smither, Dale Copeland

Friday, 5th August, 2011
On Wednesday it was the opening of the Renegade exhibition at Puke Ariki. It looks great. The art looks like jewels on red velvet.

I had to make a speech, in spite of losing my voice! Just managed to hold it together, then was completely speechless for a day.

Monday, 1st August, 2011
A chance to breathe. It's been hectic. Book launch, aka tart party, was here on Saturday. 60 people, I fired up the pizza oven and Paul kept a steady supply of pizzas coming. They really do take only seconds to cook. (And to eat ... popular things!) Champagne and beer, and what turned into a real party game - gathering signatures! I'd wanted to get each of the artists to sign their page of the tart book, and the idea caught on. A great ice-breaker.... "Hi, sign here."

Aren't the tarty hats great?

Thanks to Denise and pip for the photos.

And then on Sunday it was a Taekwon-Do grading.

A run-through getting ready for my grading at the end of August.
No, we're not resting - I'd just thrown Brent over my shoulder when he attacked me. It's all such great fun.

Sunday, 17th July, 2011
Just back from a week in Ballarat, Australia. Taking a collage/assemblage/bookbinding workshop with 10 really talented workers. We all stayed in the Ballarat Grammar School boarding place. It was a good week, fun and productive.

I had to pack light, as materials for the workshop took all my weight allowance. So I didn't take a camera. As workshop participants send photos, I'll put them on. This first one is of Marg Castle and me, wearing our 'fascinators' - hers is a silk bird and mine incorporates a cane toad!)

Friday, 3rd June, 2011
The pressure eases ... all the collage packs have been sent. (And the first one has arrived ready for next year!!!!)
The VIRTUAL TART @ HOME book looks great. I've just seen the proof copy and now the printing has started.
See my Press page for some pics. I'm pleased with it.
And I've (finally) finished the big assemblage Crystalline Structure of Past Glory

A big crystal shape covered with medals, seeming to float over a base of trophies. All won by one person.
Oh, and I'm having more copies of the book Assemblage 100 printed as they'd all gone, but people were still asking. Busy, busy.

Saturday, 9th April, 2011
Almost halfway through sorting the collage exchange. (Another package just arrived today, and there are 2 or 3 still on the way!)
The exhibition at the Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford looks great. Here are some snaps ... a gallery room where you're completely surrounded by collage art!

Sunday, 13th March, 2011
If you just stick at any task, it gets done. I've finished the Taekwon-Do thesis, all 112 pages of it.
And getting through the VIRTUAL TART @ HOME book. Finished 20 of the 50 artists.

This is what each open page will look like, text from the artist, photo of the artist, and a big photo of one of their works.
I'm pleased - it's looking good.
AND 81 packages of collages have come in so far .. the next couple of weeks will be the busiest I guess.
But today I can work on my assemblage, and it's WOMAD next weekend!
Life is good.

16th February, 2011
A busy time. 43 artists have already sent in their package of 13 collages.
And I'm putting together a book about the artists on the Virtual Tart site. A big job, with more than 50 artists.
AND writing a thesis for trying to grade to 4th Dan in Taekwon-do.
But I've finished the Crystalline structure of past glories assemblage so it's O.K.

7th - 12th January, 2011
Another slow job ... I'm making "Crystal structure of past glories" - a big crystal shape, with about 900 medals on it. Slow because I'm covering the big polystyrene crystal shape (I cut it with a wood saw) with papercrete ... like mortar but using shredded paper instead of sand.
Getting the medals off the display board and wiring them through the papercrete is a slow job so I can do only a small patch at a time.

Anne Holliday helped me scrape shredded paper from the stuffing of padded envelopes.
Dusty job, grinding the cement in a pestle & mortar, AND playing with the finely shredded paper stuffing, so I wear a mask.
Thanks to Judy Clark for her great trove of dancing medals.

Tuesday, 4th January, 2011
Paul's birthday .. Fergus with a haircut and after a long late lovely lunch, a family drumming circle under the avocado tree. A good day.

Read the earliest page in this occasional blog.
The 2008 page, the 2009 page, the 2010 page,
The 100-day project
2012 - 2013

The Pizza Oven ... see the step-by-step method here.

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