Souvenir from Paradise Lost - Tsunami

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Souvenir from Paradise Lost - Tsunami
mixed media assemblage
9 X 24 X 1.5 cm open
souvenirs of tropical resorts, stopped watches, fragments, in folding wooden box
by Dale Copeland, 2004

Watches which stopped more or less when their owners did.

The horror of Nature's violence was somehow made worse by the carefree happiness of holidaymakers watching the big wave coming.

Ode to Dale Copeland left on the wall.

(written by Larry Matthews after looking at her work)

A weathered baggage strap next to a silver palm.
Fiji? Aotearoa?
Oh! American Samoa!
copper intersecting lines (a telephone pole?)
a missionary converts my sandy shores to a concrete position.
Sepia Milford Sound.
The deluge.
It's 10:35 am after a coffee across the road.
Not wired on the coffee though.
This time its the Emerald Blue Light of the Third Eye
Clothes and leis available for the punters along Surfers Paradise
where I rent a little grass shack for $100 a night on that small red island somewhere in Fiji.
My hand reaches up to touch my forehead.
But I'm kinda absorbed by the copper telephone lines.
It's funny - there seems to be a straight connection from my heart chakra.
Yes! That brilliant Pink Light that the City Council keeps leaving off the traffic signs.
(My coral brain tells me this - for it's as wise as the two legged white man who pulls his one liner:
"the Crown is the place at exactly 2:22" (pm or am?)
I'll be there waiting for ya...
consuming a Swiss stigmata espresso pulled by the hand of a Chinese Barista.

The poet Larry Matthews left that poem on the wall by this assemblage in the Peter Rae Gallery in Dunedin.
I'm honoured.

Dale's studio can be found on Surf Highway, Taranaki, New Zealand

More of her work can be seen on the Virtual TART site at

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